Horizontale wikkelmachine voor het labelen van buizen

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Horizontale wikkelmachine voor het labelen van buizen

horizontale omwikkelbuis etiketteermachine

1. Apply to food, pharmaceutic, daily chemical, stationery, plastic industries etc.

2. Mainly used to automatically stick adhesive label on cylinder or small conical products which is unable to be carried vertically, such as tube, cylinder bottle, water injection, conical tube etc. High labeling precision, stable work ability, neat, no wrinkle, no bubble.

3. Suit for single or similar diameter products, orbit unadjustable and Can be matched with bottle feeder, ribbon printer, date printer, etc

Technische parameter

Etiketteringsgrootte(L) meer 10 mm
(W) 110-100mm
Rollende binnendiameter76mm
Product grootte(D) 10-16 mm 16-26 mm 26-36 mm
(H) minder 100 mm
Diameter buitenzijde rollen350mm
Precisie etikettering+ -1mmStroomvoorzieningAC220V 50Hz 3 kW
Etiketteringssnelheid40-150 (pcs / min)
(betrekking hebben op materiaal en labelgrootte)
Machinegrootte(L) * 2000 (w) 1700 * (H) 1500mm

snelle details

Type: etiketteermachine
Conditie: nieuw
Toepassing: Drank, Chemie, Grondstoffen, Voedsel, machines en hardware, Medisch
Verpakkingstype: Flessen
Verpakkingsmateriaal: papier, plastic
Automatisch cijfer: automatisch
Aangedreven Type: Elektrisch & Lucht
Voltage: 110V / 220V
Vermogen: 1.5KW
Plaats van herkomst: Shanghai, China (vasteland)
Merknaam: NPACK
Afmeting (L * B * H): 2100 * 700 * 1000mm
Gewicht: 300 kg
Certificering: GMP
Service na verkoop: Ingenieurs beschikbaar voor het onderhoud van machines in het buitenland
Productnaam: horizontale omwikkelbuis etiketteermachine
Functie: buisetikettering
Materiaal: S304 roestvrij staal
Labelsnelheid: 60-150 flessen / min
Gebruik: horizontaal labelen
Voordeel: professioneel ondersteuningsteam

A horizontal wrap around tube labeling machine is a machine that is designed to wrap labels around cylindrical tubes with high efficiency and accuracy. This type of machine is ideal for labeling a wide range of products, including cosmetic tubes, toothpaste tubes, food containers, and other cylindrical products.

The machine is designed with a horizontal orientation, which enables it to handle large volumes of products in a compact and efficient manner. The labeling process starts with the product being fed into the machine, which then positions it in the correct position for labeling. The label is then applied to the product as it is rotating, ensuring a smooth and even application.

The machine is equipped with advanced features such as a touch screen control panel, which makes it easy to operate and adjust the settings. The control panel also provides real-time monitoring of the labeling process, enabling the operator to make any necessary adjustments to ensure consistent and accurate labeling.

The machine is also equipped with a high-speed labeling system, which can apply labels at speeds of up to 200 tubes per minute. This high speed capability ensures that the machine can keep up with the demands of a fast-paced production environment.

In addition, the machine is equipped with a built-in quality control system, which checks the accuracy of the labeling process and alerts the operator if any problems are detected. This ensures that the product is labeled with the correct information and meets all quality standards.

The horizontal wrap around tube labeling machine is also designed to be easy to maintain, with removable and replaceable components that can be quickly and easily replaced if needed. This helps to minimize downtime and reduce the cost of maintenance.

In conclusion, a horizontal wrap around tube labeling machine is a versatile and efficient labeling solution for a wide range of products. With its advanced features, high speed capabilities, and easy maintenance, it is an ideal choice for companies looking to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their labeling process.