Automatische volumetrische vloeistofflessenvulmachine

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Automatische volumetrische vloeistofflessenvulmachine

Werkend principe

1. Manually put the bottles & the caps separately into the Tilted Hopper & Cap vibrator. The Bottle will be arranged by the Tilted Hopperwith bottle bottom towards rear & bottle mouth towards front, lies on the Feeding Conveyer Belt to be deliveredto the Bottle Unscrambler.

2. Bottle neck upward, bottle bottom backward, laid bottle come into bottle unscrambler; after unscrambing, bottles will stand up and be transfered into filling station on the conveyor.

3. Eye detecting station: it detects if there are Bottles to be filled.

4. No Bottles no filling.

5. Filling station: when the Bottles arrive under filling station, filling nozzles will dive into the Bottle for filling the product.

6. Cap loading station: caps will be sorted under vibrator and drop on the mouth of Bottle one by one.

7. Cap tightening station: to tighten the caps for Bottles under specialized device.

8. Discharging station: finished products will be pushed out by poking fork and delivered on outfeed conveyor.


Er is een bedieningspaneel op de machine geïnstalleerd om de machine te starten / stoppen en de snelheid van de vibrator, transportband en werktafel aan te passen.

snelle details

Type: vulmachine, vulmachine
Conditie: nieuw
Toepassing: Chemisch, Grondstoffen, Voedsel, Machines & Hardware, Medisch, Voedsel, Medisch, Chemisch, apotheek
Verpakkingstype: vat, flessen, blikjes, stazak
Verpakkingsmateriaal: glas, metaal, kunststof
Automatisch cijfer: automatisch
Aangedreven Type: Elektrisch
Voltage: 110V / 60Hz Eenfase
Vermogen: 1,5 kW
Plaats van herkomst: Shanghai, China (vasteland)
Merknaam: NPACK
Dimensie (L * W * H): 2000 * 750 * 1450mm
Gewicht: 680kg
Certificering: CE
Service na verkoop: Ingenieurs beschikbaar voor het onderhoud van machines in het buitenland
naam: crème vulmachine
gebruik: spuit
capaciteit: 0,22 m3 / min
Capping opbrengst: ≥99%
snelheid: boven 3000 stks / uur
Vulvolume: 15 ml

An automatic volumetric liquid bottle filling machine is a piece of equipment that is used to fill bottles with liquid accurately and efficiently. This machine works by measuring the volume of the liquid being dispensed and filling the bottle up to the predetermined level. This is done through the use of sensors and other control mechanisms that ensure that the liquid is dispensed at a consistent rate and with a high level of accuracy.

One of the main advantages of using an automatic volumetric liquid bottle filling machine is the speed and efficiency that it offers. With this machine, it is possible to fill large numbers of bottles quickly and accurately, which can help to increase productivity and reduce the amount of time and labor required for the process.

Another advantage of this type of machine is its versatility. It can be used to fill bottles of different sizes and shapes, as well as different types of liquids, such as water, juice, oil, and other liquids. This makes it ideal for use in a wide range of industries, including the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the cosmetic industry.

Overall, an automatic volumetric liquid bottle filling machine is a highly effective and efficient piece of equipment that can help businesses to increase their productivity and reduce costs. Whether you are filling bottles of water or filling bottles of medicine, this machine is an essential tool for any modern manufacturing process.